Offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment

Margaret Lane Gallery

… offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment ...

Star Panel Etched with Purple Glass, approx. 8" diameter

Stained glass tree suncatchers, approx 3.75" tall

Stained glass sun rays. Variety of colors, types of glass. From approx. 3 to 5.5" long.

Flamingo Window. Approx. 20x34"

Beverly Currence

Blue Star with White Nuggets. Approx. 9.5" diameter.

3-D Pastel Butterfly, approx.  6.5" tall.

Two-pane Quilt Window. Approx 31x28"

Tulip panel. Approx. 9.25" diameter.

I love how stained glass allows color and light to completely change a space, adding character and a unique focal point to each area. The colors, opaqueness, and texture of glass often change with available light as the sun moves throughout the day. This medium allows unlimited possibilities to explore, honor, preserve, create, and dress up a space!

I have lived in the Hillsborough/Chapel Hill area since 1983. I had been an amateur photographer since high school then in the mid-1990s I began working with stained glass. After a few years of learning and experimenting I was hooked!

Self-taught, I enjoy making a wide variety of items from small sun catchers to small, medium, and large panels and large windows all using the copper foil technique.

About 12 years ago I began working with old true divided wooden window sashes (from old houses and other structures), creating stained glass windows to honor and preserve architectural history while creating a unique one of a kind piece that can be hung inside or bracketed onto a covered porch.

Recently, I’ve begun experimenting with making panels that corporate glass plates and saucers to honor, display, and preserve cherished family china.

Stained glass angels for the angels in your life. Approx. 4" tall. Assorted colors, tyipes and textures of glass and details.