Offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment

Margaret Lane Gallery

… offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment ...

Having fun at the gallery!

Our children's art corner, stocked and organized, waiting for children after our January cleaning and sorting! 

Cedar Ridge High School Revolving Student Exhibit​ Margaret Lane Gallery is pleased to participate in a revolving display of art work by students at Cedar Ridge High School. On the left, pencil and colored pencil by Cameron Koehler, on the right pencil and marker by Melanie Lloyd.

Maze with his grandmother, local children's artist Barbara Younger, working on his masterpiece "man climbing a rope going up into a frosted planet" 

A proud artist!

Children are welcome at Margaret Lane Gallery. They are our next generation of art creators and supporters!

​We have a children's art activity table that is always available, for free use, when the gallery is open. There, children can create and imagine while you browse the gallery. The corner is well-stocked with a variety of supplies such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, different types of paper, stickers, paste-on jewels, colored tapes, ribbons, yarn, scissors, paper punches and more.