Offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment

Margaret Lane Gallery

… offering work from 25+ local artists in a family-friendly environment ...

New Hope and Ivyland, photograph by David Knox. 

Monday, Feb 18 -- putting up a new show! Horse of a Different Color, featuring Chrystal Hardt. Lighting is so important!

An Autumn Ballet, MSPaint, by Joseph Parrish.

Local artists: check out this new workshop in the Hillsborough Artist Workshop series, a partnership between the Hillsborough Arts Council and the Gallery,  How to Sell Your Art: Talking About Your Work with Potential Buyers 

​​​​​​​​​Scheduled Shows

February 20 through March 24. Horse of a Different Color, featuring paintings by Chrystal Hardt. "My horses represent energy, movement, beauty and fun.  I work from inner space and let them dance, fly, run and jump as they will.  They add an element of pure joy to my work." Opening reception Friday, February 22, 6-9 pm.

March 27 through April 21. The Colors of Spring featuring the work of Kevin Flynn Bell and Debi L. Drew. "Experience the beautiful colors of Spring as we explore figurative and decorative imagery." Opening reception Friday, March 29, 6-9 pm.  

 April 24 through May 26. An Eye for Music featuring the work of multiple local artists, including Kevin Bell, Richard Blackmon, Armen Knox, David Knox, Alan Leon, Ray LaMantia, and Margaret Oatney (this list will be updated, as we are still confirming work). Opening reception April 26, 6-9 pm).

May 29 through June 23. Keeping Calm and Farming On featuring the work of Jacqueline, Rimmler accompanied by other local artists. Opening reception May 31, 6-9 pm. 

June 26 through July 21. On the Wing: Birds, Butterflies, Fairies and Other Creatures That Fly featuring the work of multiple local artists. Opening reception June 28, 6-9 pm.

Tulips, oils on canvas, by Vladimir Burchakov.

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New Workshop!  Making Art From Recycled Materials, with Ann Brownlee Hobgood. Saturday, April 13, 10 to noon.